HealthFIT Gym

Your session includes whatever you need for the day, according to your goals and how your body is feeling. It may include any of the following:

  • Strength training (Using dumbbells, stability and medicine balls, xertubes, etc. and any other equipment available)
  • Flexibility work (Static or active stretches, foam roll muscle release)
  • Balance and/or neuromuscular training (Using a variety of toys.)
  • Cardiovascular exercise (We will even run, walk or bike with you!)
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Motivational talk

The HealthFIT Gym is located in Maren's garage in Willow Glen (San Jose, CA)

Just some of the exercise equipments the HealthFIT trainers might use to give you a safe, effective and fun workout...
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20 inch Wobble BoardPoly Balance BeamDyna Disc PlusPB Disc PillowBalance StepsCnahgo Balance PawsSpeed/Agility LadderBanana StepsFlat Fitness RingsPower Plyo HurdleBosu Balance TrainerCircle Wobble BoardReebok Core BoardLeather Jump RopeConesFoam Roller1/2 Foam RollerBasic Balance BoardNike Balance BoardBongo BoardAirex Balance PadProbell Dumbbell System w/ TrayRubber Encased DumbbellsNeoprene DumbbellsVinyl Covered DumbbellsAnkle WeightsFit Ball Body Therapy BallConverta Ball Medicine BallChi BallMedicine BallsPower Ball Medicine BallsPezzi GymnastikBallsNRG BallPush Up BarsReaction BallSlide BoardStackable StepsTRX SystemSPRI XertubesBody BladeBoxing Target MittsBoxing Target MittsBoxing Target MittsBody WedgeExercise WheelFoam Roller

Finger WebThera BandsThera BandsThe Stick

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